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Platinum Love Bands

Animation, lighting, rendering

Client: Platinum Days Of Love | Agency: 22feet Tribal Worldwide, DDB Mudra Group

Studio: Post Office Studios Sr. Creative Director: Harsh Sharma | Lead Creative Producer: Tintu K. Philip

3D Motion Designers: Ben Hodges, Hüseyin Öztürk, Yósmar Díaz, Aadhav Ravi, Paul Boby, Appa Chandra, Ankush Singh, Mohit Chauhan, Puppeteer Studios

About the project

The project had 5 CG films showcasing 5 different pairs of platinum rings. I worked on animation, lighting, and rendering in each of the films at different stages of the project. The project went through several rounds of feedback. These are some of the shots I worked on.

Animation Breakdown

Precious Film Storyboard

Animation First Version

Animation Final Version

Lighting Breakdown

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